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Help & Info about AbiWord for windows

  • What is AbiWord?

    AbiWord is a free and open-source word processor designed to be used with personal computers. Those who are looking for an economically friendly alternative to other mainstream options will be pleased with what is in store.
  • Can I download and install AbiWord for free?

    As this program has been developed within an open-source environment, there is no charge for it to be installed. This is also true in regards to any updates or additional plugins that may become available from time to time.
  • How much memory will AbiWord require?

    You will need to have at least 9.86 megabytes of free memory space available. This is actually much less than other word processors; a notable advantage if you are worried about processing power.
  • Is AbiWord similar to other word processing platforms on the market?

    It is said that this suite was developed with the design of Microsoft Word in mind. It is therefore able to offer a user-friendly interface and most functions are quite clear. This system is also similar to Open Office in terms of overall functionality.
  • Is AbiWord safe to install onto my computer?

    The developers of this open-source framework regularly check for the presence of any bugs or malicious coding. Softonic also takes this concern seriously and we have rigorously vetted this word processor before offering it to the consumer.
  • What file formats are supported?

    This bundle will support all major file types such as HTML, DOC, DOCX, ODT (Open Office), RTF and TXT. This essentially signifies that the majority of documents will be able to be opened and edited with no issues whatsoever.
  • Can AbiWord download additional formats if required?

    There are times when you may wish to edit a document created by WordPerfect. In this case, a separate plugin can be downloaded at no additional charge. This also supports XML files. Please note that it is not possible to modify PDF documents with this bundle.
  • Is AbiWord able to check the spelling and grammar of different languages?

    While you have the capability of writing in numerous languages, the only spelling and grammar checker that is currently available handles Unites States English. This is accomplished through a built-in software package known as Link Grammar. This program was one of the first to offer an automatic grammar checker within its architecture.
  • Can AbiWord share a document with multiple users?

    In the event that you need to share or edit a document with the help of multiple users, a collaboration plugin is available. This option is available on all versions beginning from 2.8.0. There is nor charge to install this plugin and it will not require much additional memory.
  • How do I install AbiWord?

    Installation is quick and simple. First, click on the download link embedded within the Softonic page. A small EXE file will downloaded. In the majority of cases, this file will then open automatically and guide you through the remainder of the installation process. The current version of this program is 2.9.4.


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