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AbiWordDevelopment 2.9.4

Free and simple word processing program

Most people think of Microsoft Word when it comes to word processing, but the software can be pretty expensive if it doesn't come as default. Try an alternative like AbiWord.AbiWord can read and write all standard industry document formats...
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  • Charles Ryder

    by Charles Ryder

    Multiple downloads done, yet they are all txt documents rendered in random characters. Poor prank.

  • by Anonymous

    Don't bother!. Awful! All kinds of junk is included with this download. In fact, that's all I got....junk and no word processor.

  • by Anonymous

    The Worst Word Processor on the Market. ABI Word contains so many problems that I do not recommend it. First, there is no envelope function. Secondly, the fonts (even common ones like Arial and Times Roman) print very odd. Thirdy, when I convert documents to PDFs the font conversion makes the entire document hard to read. Fourth, when I copy and paste from Notepad, the entire document reformats anMore

  • by Anonymous

    file formats. I was trying to download my resume, which was typed on the Abiword 2.8 and the online application browse would not accept. says the file format must be htm, html, doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt. Does the documents typed on Abi word 2.8, fall into these formats. If so what should I do? patricia